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Illumined Leadership Solutions lights the path for transformation

Purposeful transformation drives impact

We employ a holistic approach to embolden leaders, organizations, and businesses to transition into their true purpose and move forward with intention, substance, and radical authenticity.

Vision to action

When we close our eyes, the vision is crystal clear but once we open them and take steps to make the vision real, our path becomes a little blurry.

Forgotten purpose

It’s difficult to inspire others and create trust when leadership becomes monotonous and mundane. Often, we need a guide and thought partner to help us assess and problem solve.

Lack of Clarity

The process of identifying areas of opportunity within organizations and creating impactful strategies to address them can be difficult - especially when you’re looking for a strategic solution.

Transformative leadership invites everybody to ask what kind of a world they are creating through their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and interactions, and to compare that with the kind of world they would like to create, and the kind of person they would like to be. Transformative leadership is, at its heart, a participatory process of creative collaboration and transformation for mutual benefit.”

– Alfonso Montuori and Gabrielle Donnelly, Transformative Leadership

Understanding transformative leadership

Transformative leadership is grounded in the idea that transformation is not only about the approach and role of the leader to influence change, but about the impact of individual change on systems that affect our communities. 


Tapping into purpose becomes a tool for personal transformation that will significantly impact change in our world. The transformative approach asks leaders, “what is the strategic leadership culture that will support our strategic vision + plan?”



Clearly define your leadership vision and what success looks like for yourself and your organization.



Identify the values, skills, competencies, practices that will help to realize the leadership vision.



Align and integrate the values, skills, and practices across the organization.

Our offerings


Illumined utilizes thought partnership + coaching to help organizational and executive leaders identify problems, create impactful solutions, and lead with intentionality.


Consulting services at Illumined are a combination of assessment, thought partnership, and coaching to facilitate the transformative process for systems, people, and communities.


Conferences, seminars, and unique gatherings are opportunities to teach, inspire, and begin the process of identifying our leadership purpose.


Engage in opportunities to learn and cultivate leadership through group coaching and courses.

Margaret helped me identify and articulate the core values of my personal leadership style. She then guided me through the process of turning those core values into focused actions. Margaret utilizes a framework that is understandable and personal. She asks the right questions. She helped me discover rather than determining my path. That is the mark of a great leader.

– Chip Baggett, EVP + CEO

North Carolina Medical Society

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