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Transformative leaders circle (TLC)

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Think of me like your private guide (and personal cheerleader!) through the overwhelming chaos of leadership.

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Leadership is super straightforward and has a clear pathway for success, right?

Absolutely not! In fact, the opposite rings true as many leaders struggle to define their leadership identity and how to live it. Even further, there’s evidence that most leaders forget to consider their own needs, while being mindful and attentive to those they lead. 

There are some questions Google just doesn't have the answers to

You need an expert to weigh in, in a timely manner

Learn to lead in a way that brings you joy

In most organizations,
goals are centered around growth and productivity

However, these goals should also prioritize the development of leaders as they effectively lead others. As Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Leadership development that focuses on wellbeing creates a transformative culture that supports strategic success.  

What you'll learn in our time together

TLC is designed to provide insight, tools, and guidance on leadership and management related topics through training and coaching. TLC will combine group coaching sessions and an individual integration strategy session to engage participants in problem solving and goal setting.  Coaching and training will be delivered virtually. 

Explore and understand transformative leadership as a framework for leading self + others
Uncover, name, and define your leadership identity and how to live it, authentically
Develop a personal purpose statement and learn how to activate it
Unpack + develop a practice of attentiveness and learn how to lead mindfully and communicate effectively
Create an action plan to address your most pressing leadership challenges and reach transformative leadership success

You're in the right place!

Designed for early to mid-career professionals

Who have a strong desire to:

Who have a strong desire to:


This program requires you to invest in yourself. If you take the time to do the work in each session, you’ll begin to see the leader you desire to be. It’s like hiring a full-time consultant but for a fraction of the price. 

Here's how we'll work together

Value: $2,500

Your Investment: $1,800