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Founded in 2015 by Dr. Margaret A. Brunson, Illumined Leadership Solutions lights the path for changemakers by creating a solid foundation to transform & excel. We employ a holistic approach to embolden leaders, organizations, and businesses to transition into their true purpose and move forward with intention, substance, and radical authenticity. 


The unique focus on authentic, holistic, and transformative leadership, grounded in the core values of purpose and courage, is designed to guide leaders to clarity of purpose as they navigate and manage organizations.

We were not meant to do everything alone or take sole ownership for our wellbeing. We were made for connection and community and while there are solo practices that we must engage, we benefit greatly from communal practices.”

Dr. Margaret A. Brunson

Meet Dr. margaret A. brunson

A leader, luminary, and thought partner, Dr. Margaret considers brunch a verb, well-being a priority, dance floors sacred, and music and passport stamps two of life’s greatest treasures. 


After a career in the public and private healthcare sector, she transitioned into entrepreneurship. As an insightful leadership practitioner with twenty years of experience, Margaret enjoys working with individuals and organizations to clarify purpose and help them develop authentic and holistic leadership paradigms that support transformation. 


Dr. Margaret is a product of the village, a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, published author, writer, and motivational speaker. In 2016, she was named one of the North Carolina Central University 40 Under 40 outstanding alumni. 


Margaret earned a BA in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Master of Public Administration from North Carolina Central University, and a Ph.D. in leadership studies from North Carolina A&T State University.


Dr. Margaret serves as the principal consultant and thought partner. However, she regularly collaborates and contracts with strategic consultants and subject matter experts for various projects. 

Brianna Dean

As a young professional and budding entrepreneur, Brianna is always seeking out new experiences and embraces the journey that life is. Surrounded by the bold voices of strong black women during her upbringing, Brianna intentionally seeks to reside within equitable spaces. She treats cooking as therapy and fresh air as an opportunity to reset. 

With intensive experiences in government and politics, workforce development, and reentry, Brianna is equipped with the skills necessary for effective leadership. 

Brianna serves as an Executive Assistant to Dr. Margaret and an Associate Consultant on various projects at Illumined Leadership Solutions. Brianna earned a BA in political science from SUNY University at Albany and Master of Public Administration from Savannah State University.

Our Promise To You


Illumined Leadership prepares leaders to live and lead authentically and lean into their leadership identity to illuminate the potential in others.


The work is grounded by Dr. Margaret's transformative leadership framework whereby leaders must Define, Identify, and Implement vision, values, and practices for transformative impact.


The Illumined Leadership methodology is focused on guiding leaders to clarity of purpose as they manage and navigate transitions and change.

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